Linux web kiosk

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

Linux web kiosk

Affordable Linux web kiosk with Linutop mini PC

Also called Internet terminals, Web kiosks have now replaced the old Internet cafes. These are computers, available for internet connection in public places. These kiosks provide a secure web access for everyone. Linutop offers several hardware and software Linux web kiosk solutions.

Mini PCs suitable for public use

You are a decision maker and you plan to equip your hotel, your office or school with a web kiosk ? Note that a web kiosk requires devices fit for public use. This requires computers to be both robust and energy efficient. In addition to Internet access, these PCs must have the usual basic functions and be easy to handle.

Computers using web kiosk will also need to be well secured. The operating system must be reliable and kept safe from viruses or other malwares. Moreover, one must not forget the economical aspects and the ease of maintenance of such equipment. These are all key points in order to provide your customers, employees or students with a good web kiosk.

Linutop’s web kiosk solutions

Linutop’s mini PCs are specially fit for becoming powerful Linux web kiosks. These mini PC are robust, silent, easy to maintain and inexpensive. Thanks to Libre Office, they fully support basic applications and the usual office tasks (spreadsheet, word processing, etc.).

Among other advantages, Linutop mini PCs work with Linutop OS. It is an operating system based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, known for its reliability and high level of safety. With Linutop Kiosk software, they are perfect Linux web kiosks. You can then easily configure them and provide users with a safe Internet terminal.