digital signage system

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage system

Local Dynamic Display Server

Digital signage in Saas mode allows you to control your screens via a computer or your local network on one or more sites. Linutop TV in SaaS mode has the following advantages:

- Broadcast on your screens remotely avoiding moving for updates via a USB key.
- Remotely manage the lighting and standby of the screen to optimize its use.
- Save a lot of time for a very reasonable price while keeping your existing screens.
(From: € 79 fee for the player software per screen for PC or Raspberry Pi and a monthly fee of € 10 / screen for the linutop TV service)
- Point of sale promotion, broadcast practical information (schedules, weather, exhibiions, menus ...).
- Generate revenue and increase your turnover thanks to additional sales, advertisements for businesses in your area, ...

Linutop TV in SaaS mode, centralizes the management of connected screens, ideal for a site with many screens, or points of sales chain. Lightweight, simple and fast to implement, thanks to the local server solution, you get maximum security.

Linutop TV Digital Signage