Lockdown Kiosk Mode

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi


lock down kiosk mode Linutop

To offer your customers and visitors a secure access to Internet, go for the Linutop. This little computer will quickly turn into a lock down kiosk mode that will meet all your needs, while minimizing your IT investments.

Linutop, the mini PC with built-in lock down kiosk mode

Allowing all visitors to quickly access the Internet inside their premises is a big plus for shops and hotels. But the investments to achieve this can be rather expensive. The French company Linutop, aware of this need, has designed Linutop fanless mini PC the operating system of which can be installed on a simple USB flash drive.

In addition to basic functions of a conventional computer, Linutop mini PC is equiped with the Linutop OS, allowing it to quickly and easily transform into a lock down kiosk mode. Once the internet terminal is installed, it can be configured to suit your needs, especially with a password of your choice for added security. The various stages of setting are relatively easy. Thus, no need to have advanced computer knowledge to install and use it. This NetTop is ideal to offer Internet access in hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, universities, schools and other crowded public places.

Linutop for professionals worldwide

Linutop is a French company that provides professional software and hardware products. Its flagship product is the Linutop fanless mini PC, a small, efficient, highly portable and low power consumption computer. It combines robustness, performance, convenience and energy savings. Linutop’s clients include schools and universities, museums, IT companies ... Each of them found in Linutop’s lock down kiosk mode the perfect solution for affordable web kiosks.