mini computer

mini computer

Linutop: a Linux based mini computer

If you are looking for low energy consumption mini computer, discover the devices proposed by the French manufacturer Linutop.

The different models of Linutop mini computer

Linutop has designed three models of fanless and diskless mini computers. These devices are completely silent and ship with an operating system based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and a series of free software for ease of use.

Linutop’s mini computer models are very easy to configure and use. With the software Linutop Kiosk, the overall configuration is very simple whether they are used as a web kiosk or for digital signage.

Linutop: a mini computer with many advantages

The Linutop mini computer consumes very little energy. Indeed, if you replace a standard computer with a Linutop, your energy consumption will be divided 10 fold. Linutops are fanless and have no hard drive so they are very quiet. The small size of these devices is very convenient and allows them to be attached directly behind a screen. These mini PCs are also robust and can operate 24/7 on digital signage mode.

As all system configuration is stored on flash memory, the risks of system corruption on Linutop mini computers are close to zero. Their system can be protected by a password so that it is insensitive to false manipulation. Thus, whenever the Linutop is started, the initial state is always recovered, unless a specific configuration is performed.