mini desktop

mini desktop

Mini desktop, a practical and affordable solution

A mini desktop is the ideal alternative for those who do not want a laptop and who do not want the hassle of a big desktop PC. These discrete, cheap and easy to maintain mini PCs offer many possibilities to their owners

The advantages of using a mini desktop

Mini desktop are becoming more and more popular thanks to their practicality. They are actually quieter compared to traditional PCs, and they offer better work ergonomy compared to laptops, as these can sometimes have a poor screen resolution. Mini PCs are mainly used for basic office tasks: word processing, making calculations on spreadsheets, surfing the Internet or to process data in a database

Given their less powerful processor, they are not fit for more demanding applications like picture or photo editing programs. For the same reason, gamers will not choose mini-computers, because their processor will not be able to handle most latest video games. Nevertheless, they are very practical for use as Internet terminals for shops, hotels or public services as they do not heat up, and can run 24/7 without consuming a lot of energy.

Linutop, a leading manufacturer of mini desktops

These mini Desktops are working on Linutop OS operating system, a system that is both low in energy consumption and secure.

You can indeed choose a password in order to restrict access to a few users. Its small size – less than 1 GB – allows it to boot from any USB flash drive, making it easy to install on multiple computers. Finally, it can be configured to suit your needs. For example you can configure it to launch a software automatically at startup. You can also install all softwares you need for your work.