mini pc manufacturer

mini pc manufacturer

Linutop, a well known mini PC manufacturer

Small computers find more and more success with the public. For these reasons, mini PC manufacturers continue to develop ever revolutionary technologies to stand out from the competition.

Mini PCs : everybody’s computer

Initially intended for Web browsing and basic office tasks, these machines were designed for the general public by mini PC manufacturer to contain only the minimal configuration for these basic uses. Equipped with wireless Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, they are mostly used by businesses and communities to enable an easier access to the internet to their employees or customers. Mini PCs are also very popular because of their low cost.

In general, mini PC manufacturer specialized in this field produce some of the best mini computers. There are also several well established computer companies on the market that produce them. Linutop, a reference mini PC manufacturer

Linutop is a French company, leader in the field of Linux run mini computers.

Since its founding in 2006, this mini PC manufacturer has launched several models on the market. Linutop has developed a series of mini PCs with the same name, all known for their many benefits. They have the usual characteristics of all mini computers: wireless internet connection, low noise emission since they are fanless, low power consumption, small size and low cost. Moreover, the Linutop can turn into internet terminals within a few click thanks to Linutop Kiosk.

This mini PC manufacturer also designed Linutops to be great support for dynamic digital display. Major customers of this mini PC manufacturer include shops, libraries, universities, hospitals, public services ...