mini slim computer

mini slim computer

New generation slim mini computer Linutop

Slim mini computer Linutop is ideal for anyone – professionals and consumers – looking for a device that combines performance and economy. Spotlight on Linutop mini computer, the computer of the new era.

Linutop slim mini computer, small but tough

To meet the needs of professionals who wish to equip themselves with computers, while not encroaching on their budget, Linutop created its line of slim mini computer. Their particularity ? These are fanless, small and robust mini computers. Units weigh way less than 1 kg and their power consumption does not exceed 14 watts.

Like all computers, Linutop mini PC handles all basic applications including word processing, spreadsheet calculation, audio and/or video playback. It is also suited for web browsing using Firefox. Otherwise, Linutop mini computer can handle many other applications and can turn into an Internet kiosk or a platform for digital signage for public areas such as waiting rooms, libraries, shops... Its purpose is to provide an independent operating system.

Linutop, manufacturer of innovative mini PCs

Linutop is a French company that offers innovative solutions fit for professionals, institutions and individuals. Its hardware and software products, including slim mini computer, mainly run in the open source Linux environment. They are particularly suitable for those wishing to have the latest computer technologies without having to invest too much money. The main customers of this company work in different domains. Hotels, universities, museums, telecommunication and IT companies or industries have all put their trust in Linutop.