mini slim pc

mini slim pc

Order a mini slim PC online

Order a mini slim PC to work cheaply and enjoy the latest technological advances. Linutop team has developed several models of mini slim PC to propose adequate communication tools to the many professionals willing to always satisfy their customers.

The main advantages of mini slim PC

A mini slim PC offers many advantages to its users: thanks to its small size, it fits easily behind a screen and does not take much space. Since it is fanless, this unit is very quiet and is cooled in passive mode through its aluminum housing. With a mini slim PC, energy consumption is divided 10 fold compared to an ordinary PC. A mini slim PC can safely stay on 24/7 for the broadcasting of your images or your commercials. Its operating system is very secure, and minimizes the risk of attacks from viruses or malware.

A mini slim PC according to your needs

Linutop is a mini slim PC. It is perfect for department stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, factories, schools and museums. Indeed, thanks to Linutop Kiosk software, Linutops can turn into a few clicks into a secured web kiosk or a dynamic display signage support and ensure non-stop reading of different types of digital files.

Whatever you need, contact our online advisor to find the perfect mini slim PC. Linutop technicians are constantly improving the functions of the communication tools they offer in order to satisfy the professionals who trust them. You too can enjoy these mini slim PCs to improve your performance and to communicate better with your customers and partners.