Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Museum Display Screen with Linutop!

Nowadays museums are not only cultural places as they were before, due to the arrival of new technologies, bringing the content pretty much anywhere and whenever people want. Now these are places where visitors are expecting to be excited, stimulated, surprised and entertained.

Linutop offers affordable solutions to dynamize any places, using digital signage. It will enable any screen to broadcast any type of content, from simple texte, to HD videos, as well as PDF files or web sites. Bring your communication to the next level, inform your visitors about the new expositions, the new artwork recently arrived in the gallery, entertain them with questions or games, or anything you need.

The mini computers designed by Linutop are perfect for Museums, as they are very thin, they can fit behind any screen, and silent, since they have no fan. Moreover they are based on the Raspberry Pi technology known for its few energy consumption, indeed, a Linutop mini PC requires on average ten times less energy than a classic computer, ideal for a full day on duty!

Powering one screen is good, but powering multiple screens is better, and in order to ease the task, Linutop is offering a server solution, called Linutop TV, a server enabling to edit and broadcast multiple playlists, accessible online, for maximum flexibility, or installable locally, for maximum privacy.
This is the choice of Chambord Castle which is using Linutop TV in local mode for its Digital Signage!

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