network probe

network probe

A network probe to improve your network’s visibility

The networks of today are complex entities that must be managed properly. Since you cannot manage what you cannot see, you need a network probe to ensure proper visibility.

What is a network probe ?

In the field of informatics, a probe is a device for managing the quality of networks stream. A network probe provides the mechanism to collect data essential for monitoring the behavior of applications over WANs. This information allows network managers to make the right decisions in case of overload or network failure. They can also help to anticipate potential problems. These data are also essential when it is necessary to upgrade or improve a network.

Linutops : ideal solutions for network probe

Linutop offers innovative, economical, and energy efficient devices fit to meet different needs, including network probe. Linutop mini PCs are innovative because they are developed to meet the ever growing demands of today’s users. Equipped with an ultra-secure system, they can easily adapt to the most demanding and extreme environments. They therefore represent a safe bet. Linutop devices are also handy, because they are very easy to use. Moreover, their robustness ensures great durability which is extremely interesting for professional use.

As they are fairly simple to maintain, they do not require complicated monitoring. In addition, Linutop devices have a reduced footprint. Products offered by Linutop are also economical because they consume very little energy. Moreover, thanks to the fact that they do not require complex maintenance, maintenance cost are extremely low. All of this makes them very profitable investments. With their high-performance system, their convenience and low power consumption, the Linutop are ideal for use as network probe. These devices are ideal for effective identification and control of networks streams to ensure an excellent quality of service.