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digital signage system

What are the benefits of real-time production data signage solutions in manufacturing?

Accurate and up-to-date knowledge of each stage of production

All important data for each manufacturing phase are automatically retrieved and synchronized in real time. Managers get an overview and can better allocate resources. It is much easier for them to anticipate fluctuations and position the workforce in the right place to optimize production and eliminate waste.
This more precise knowledge of the assembly line also allows to develop a competitive advantage by being more reactive and dynamic with relevant information on stock status and manufacturing time.

A solution to save time

Optimize your time: Each manager can choose the organization and presentation of his or her reporting so that he can only read the data that interests him in the form of a table or graphic. Reading and understanding is done at a glance, which frees up more time for other activities.

Reduce travel and delete manual reports: No more need to assign a person to retrieve information and manually view dashboards. Dynamic display solutions help limit travel and save time by automatically collecting data and displaying it on multiple screens at different locations.

Accelerate and improve decision-making: Operational decision-making can be done faster with less risk because the manager is more confident with detailed and up-to-date production information.

Improved productivity and employee involvement

Displaying on-screen the priorities of the day and the performance indicators to all employees makes it possible to better involve and motivate them. Managers can visually manage and improve collaboration with their team. Leaders can create challenges to energize the day and write messages of encouragement to acknowledge efforts.
Real-time visualization of production data progress also makes it possible to make employees aware of their work tasks. By displaying their position in relation to their daily objective, employees manage their own pace and motivate themselves to carry out their mission.