retail digital signage

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

retail digital signage

Retail digital signage malls

You own a mall and you want to create traffic to the many stores located there ? Discover the solutions of retail digital signage offered by Linutop, the French manufacturer that designed fanless Linutop mini PC.

Communicate with retail digital signage

In a mall, it is hard to go around all the shops in a single pass. Customers can not enjoy all the activities proposed, or take advantage of various promotional offers. In the same vein, it may happen that new visitor get lost in the aisles and struggle in finding the store they are looking for.

To help you optimize communication within your mall, go for Linutop fanless mini-computer. Through its Linutop OS operating system with which Linutop Kiosk software is integrated, it will quickly turn into a support for retail digital signage. It will serve as a communication medium and a guide to all customers. The solution proposed by Linutop is suitable for continuous, 24/7 use.

Linutop, the IT solution at low cost

To meet the needs of professionals who wish to equip themselves with IT solutions combining performance with cost saving, Linutop created its fanless mini PC. This device is particularly suitable for use in crowded places. A few minutes are enough to transform Linutop into a web kiosk or a support for retail digital signage, depending users’needs.

Convinced by the usefulness of this new generation product, many professionals put their trusted in it. Linutop's customers are located in more than sixty countries and are very diverse: shops, bars, schools, factories, hotels, museums ...