Secured Kiosk Browser

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

Secured Kiosk Browser

Access the Internet via a secured kiosk browser

Nowadays, secured kiosk browser is increasingly visible in major cities. They are even taking over traditional internet cafes sometimes.

Secured kiosk browser, a technology available to the public.

A secured kiosk browser is a computer with a connection to the internet, generally installed in public places. As such, it can be used by everyone. More common in western countries, it is found in the street to allow pedestrians to access the internet. Some cities have nearly a thousand of these access points to the Web. They are also present in hospitals, museums, subways, airports, city halls, colleges, universities, libraries and others. From the standpoint of safety, secured kiosk browsers are equipped with devices designed to protect them from potential vandalism or hacking. This technology is constantly evolving and major companies are constantly innovating in this field.

Linutop Kiosk, Linutop’s secured kiosk browser solution

On the market since 2006, the French company Linutop is specialized in the development of Linux based mini PCs, known for their strength, their low energy consumption and their silence. Ready to use software Linutop Kiosk can transform your machine into a secured kiosk browser you can set at will. From the start page to the display options, everything is configurable. Since these mini PC are designed to be operated by a lot of people, you can establish a list of sites allowed and forbidden. You can even lock it with a password.