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self-service kiosk

Self-service kiosk: choose a mini PC Linutop

A self-service kiosk is an effective way to build customer loyalty. If you are interested in self-service kiosk, don’t hesitate to search for the equipment best suited to your needs.

Self-service kiosk: usefulness and interest

A self-service kiosk is a secure tool that lets you view web pages in all serenity. It can be installed in a waiting hall, a school, a library or professional premises to facilitate access to the Web, but also to allow users to communicate by e-mail or chat.

The rapidly increasing number of self-service kiosks in stations, airports, subways, museums, shops, town halls proves how much they are needed and welcome.

Linutop’s self-service kiosk solutions

If you want to have a self-service kiosk available for your customers so they can enjoy a secure Internet connection, you will find great offers from Linutop. Choose the mini PC that best suits your needs.

With Linutop Kiosk software, configuring your Linutop mini PC as an internet access point is very simple. You can set the start page and determine the necessary restrictions on the basis of potential users. For example, if the self-service kiosk will be used by children, you can prevent access to pornographic sites and portals potentially dangerous sites.

Linutop works with Linutop OS, an operating system based on Ubuntu. With all the free software that accompany it, internet browsing and basic office task are possible. Indeed, it has Firefox browser and includes a lot of plug-ins that allow you to view a wide variety of content on the Internet (Flash, etc.) and the Libre Office software suit for word processing, creation of spreadsheets and presentation. So if you want to install a self-service kiosk at your location, choose a Linutop model and enjoy an excellent value for money.