self service kiosks solution

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

self service kiosks solution

A self service kiosks solution to better inform your public

Many public and private institutions, recognizing the usefulness of the Internet to inform their visitors, provide them self service kiosks solution. In this way, everyone of them can browse the web to find information in real time. This technology is increasingly available in places where many people are continuously passing.

Choose low cost self service kiosks solution

Nowadays, everyone is using internet for information. Several officials of public institutions, noting this need, decided to have internet terminals available to their visitors. Members of a library can easily consult a book’s abstract or information about its availability before borrowing it. This is also useful for museum visitors who can obtain information in just a few clicks.

Within a company, these Internet terminals facilitate communication between employees as any of them can read his emails if he is not at his workstation. He can also access his PC if he needs to view his documents. These self service kiosks solutions are placed at convenient locations which can be set according to the expectations of each organization. Some features may for example be locked and accessible only to authorized users. It is also possible to filter the accessible sites and the information to be displayed

Linutop’s self service kiosks solution

The Linutop company has designed several models of mini PCs. Ideal for public places, these run with Linutop OS operating system and Linutop Kiosk, allowing them to turn inton self service kiosks solutions in a blink of an eye. Easily configurable, they have many other benefits.

Linutop OS can be installed on all PCs, even those who are not equipped with a powerful processor. It helps make significant energy savings. With a password, access my be limited to certain users. Moreover, thanks to its small size of less than 1 GB, this system can be saved on a USB stick and quickly installed on several PCs.