silent computer

silent computer

Linutop, a silent computer

The days of noisy machines that disturbed you from working in peace and wasted a lot of energy are over. Now it is time to turn to the silent computer

Linutop fanless mini PC

You think that your PC produces too much noise, but you tell yourself that silent computer belong to tomorrow's technology? You are wrong, because with the Linutops, you can enjoy a completely silent workstation.

Linutop manufactures mini PCs that makes no noise, simply because they are fanless.

Therefore, these silent computers provide a lot of advantage when used in certain public places like schools, hospitals or libraries where silence is required. However, you may very well get a Linutop for your personal use. Moreover, since they are fanless Linutop will save a lot of energy.

Linutop, multiple benefit mini PCs

The discretion of Linutop’s mini PCs is a major asset. However, you will be seduced by the other qualities of these silent computers. Linutop has made them robust and practical. Due to their small size, they offer an unprecedented lightness. In addition, this small wonder is offered at an unbeatable price.

This silent computer is available in four models. Running with Linutop OS, all of them can turn into Internet terminals or digital signage platforms thanks to Linutop Kiosk software.