small computer

small computer

A small computer for your digital signage applications

Broadcast images, videos, news/category/en flash continuously in your waiting room, shop, museum or hotel hall is interesting in many ways. The ideal solution for this is to use small computer as those proposed by Linutop.

Linutop small computer

Linutops are small size, lightweight, easy to install and run – a simple USB flash drive is enough to boot the machine – and silent devices since they are fanless. They come in several models that offer different amounts of memory and storage. These computers run with Linutop OS, an operating system based on Ubuntu Lynx. This system is undergoing regular updates, which can easily be downloaded.

Thanks to this operating system you will have a perfect equipment for your application, for a minimal investment. In addition, you will have the ability to run a wide range of tasks with this small computer, including surfing the Net – it also integrates a web browser perfectly suited for this purpose, Mozilla Firefox – media files playback with VLC media player and of course basic office tasks. In addition, the software Linutop Kiosk incorporated therein, this small computer can serve as support for digital signage to be installed in various public places, or internet access terminal.

Focus on Linutop Kiosk, the natural complement of Linutop small computer

Linutop designed Linutop Kiosk software, a versatile solution that can adapt to your needs. An ideal digital display should be attractive, with good sequences. This application allows to manage slideshows, transitions, display very readable tables and update all information. Linutop Kiosk is easy to set up, it will play your playlists and all your digital content smoothly. Finally, its web kiosk function allows any small computer to turn into a secure internet terminal within a few clicks.