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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

small OS

Linutop small OS, optimization pushed to the extreme

In developing Linutop small OS, the main goal was to make it as light as possible so as not to use too powerful a processor (a major consumer of energy). Yet, its lightness does not stop it from being full of functionality.

Linutop small OS presentation

Linutop OS is a small OS because it requires in total (setup included) only 1 GB internal memory (600 MB for the system and basic software and 400 MB for other programs and data users). This greatly facilitates system backup in case of problems.

Based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, it can run, among other softwares, Libre Office for basic office tasks, VLC Media Player for media files playing, Mozilla Firefox for internet browsing or Synaptic to download free software.

Of course, this small OS is compatible with a large number of software. The operating system also includes many drivers for various peripherals (printers, touch screens ...), simply plug them in to the system, install their drivers and they can be used straight away.

Why make a light operating system ?

Beyond ease of maintenance, as a small OS, Linutop OS has the advantage of being easy to configure, to protect – via a password to lock the system – and use. Note that, in the interest of safety, if the system is operated by multiple users, only the administrator has the privilege of adding programs, the system being updated on every reboot. This small OS can also be run on any compatible PC so you can constantly work with your Linutop OS environment and with your data.