Small PC

Top quality small PC with Linutop

Linutop meets the needs of individuals and professionals seeking a powerful small PC. Designed to be economical, efficient and reliable, Linutop mini PCs are fit for different possibilities of use.

Small PC, what are the benefits?

The small PC has a lot of success with mobile users looking for a lightweight and portable computer. Very practical and robust, these computers are often characterized by their low energy consumption and their features which make them suitable for all basic uses. Of course, they also allow their user to watch or listen to audio and video files

Mini PCs have the advantage of being easy to handle. Despite their small size, they offer the ability to perform office work with program dedicated to word processing and spreadsheet. Silent and compact, they are the ideal companions for mobile users. Pricewise, they cost much less than conventional PCs.

Linutop, the reference in the field of small PCs

Linutop is a manufacturer specializing in the design of small PCs. Linutop products are distinguished by their low power consumption and great performance. All basic applications commonly found in a typical PC can be performed on these models through preinstalled programs.

Linutop small PCs run with Linutop OS, an operating system based on Linux. They can handle multiple tasks: surfing the internet, basic office tasks and multimedia playback. Public services, hotels, schools or shops can easily benefit from a dynamic display by using the embedded Linutop Kiosk software. They can also be used as an web kiosks.