Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi


Have its USB key OS, the convenient option of choice

USB key OS is a handy solution for those who travel a lot and have to use different computers. In addition to its light weight, the fact that no maintenance is required is among the benefits of using this tool.

A USB key OS, why bother ?

Having a computer at home, using from time to time the library’s or a friend's or one at the office, these are cases which occur frequently. And one drawback for the user is not having available to the operating system to access all the documents nor the configuration to which the user is accustomed.

Now, with the USB key OS, this problem has been solved. First, it is a tool that is not at all bulky and requires no more maintenance. Then, not only is it possible to save configurations and materials, but the USB drive containing the operating system also allows the installation of additional software. For security reasons, the key can be locked in read-only mode.

Linutop OS, offering a Linutop USB key OS

Linutop OS allows execution of various tasks such as reading media or the internet, and thanks to Linutop Kiosk software, also available on the website of Linutop. As USB key OS, Linutop OS has many advantages. First, it is optimized and lightweight and thus does not use too much processor resources. Then, to protect against virus attacks and misuse, this tool can be locked with a password. To avoid unpleasant slow deployment, configuration can be saved directly on the USB. Moreover, the customization of your personal configuration is easy.