web based digital signage

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web based digital signage

Web based digital signage, to broadcast information more easily

Web based digital signage can be seen in more and more public spaces. There are several advantages to this information broadcasting system. Linutop offers software solutions that can turn your computer into such an advertising medium

The advantages of web based digital signage

Those who opted for the web based digital signage are convinced by the benefits of this solution. First, the dynamic display makes the information more vivid : visitors of a public place like a hotel, a bar or a shop will thus be more favorably affected. If the display is used in a shop for an advertising campaign, for example, customers will be more interested and focused.

Web based digital signage is a configurable and customizable solution. For example it is possible to set any message to be broadcasted at a specific time. Set up updating can be done remotely. Web based digital signage are well known for their ease of use. The information to be displayed may be in the form of audio or video file or through a web page. The content and its form can therefore easily be customized according to the users’ needs or tastes.

Enjoy the simplicity of Linutop Kiosk

Linutop is totally convinced by the usefulness and the interest of web based digital signage. This is why Linutop Kiosk has been developed. This software works with Linutop OS operating system, running on all Linutop mini PCs. Linutop mini PCs are fanless and therefore economical. Their energy consumption is ten fold lower compared to that of an ordinary PC. With Linutop Kiosk software they become ideal supports for digital signage. If a change in the playlist is necessary, this action can be performed remotely. Linutop Kiosk software can be locked by a password. Linutop Kiosk and Linutop mini PCs are ideal for use in stores, hotel lobby, bars, public transports.