Digital Signage

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Which digital signage to choose for a franchise?

What are the advantages of a digital signage for a franchise?

- Centralization of content delivery for franchise networks

To decrease the workload of your stores, it is not necessary that each store manages its own communication. In fact, all or some stores can be managed remotely that allows to facilitate the communication of the franchisees by saving them time by supervising their communication.

As a communication manager, you guarantee the respect of your brand identity by publishing your advertising campaigns on your entire franchise network. Moreover, digital signage allows you to optimize your promotional campaigns. By operating this strategy, you ensure that you target your prospects in the best possible way.

- Optimizing your network's communication as a franchisor

Being the head of a franchise network implies knowing how to accompany its franchisees in their adventure. In this sense, it is essential to promote a fluid and transparent communication with the different outlets that make up the network. The objective as a franchisor is to simplify the communication of its franchises and for this, it is necessary to transmit a know-how and the culture of the company so that customers find the same quality of service.

Thus, to promote the development of communication within the franchise network, it may be necessary to adopt digital signage software.

In addition to a benefit in terms of traffic the communication of your outlets will be automated.

- Improving his communication as a franchisee

The franchisee because of his knowledge on the ground, the relationships he has been able to build with his customers since the opening of his store may have relevant ideas to improve communication. Indeed, the franchisee knows his local target better, masters its specificities, and can thus animate his outlet.

With digital signage, it will then be possible for you to target your prospects with more precision by broadcasting appropriate content: advertising, promotion, discount, markdown...

What equipment is needed to install digital signage software in your store?

A screen and an internet connection, such is the equipment required to make digital signage in a store. Then, you just need a digital signage software to orchestrate your communication through internet.

Where to place its screens in its store?

Place your screen in a strategic place where there is traffic: storefront, waiting room, at the cash register, etc.

Displaying appropriate content on your screens and in a suitable location such as a shop window will have the effect of arousing the curiosity of passers-by. They will then want to enter the store to learn more about the products seen in the window. This will enrich your customers' shopping experience.

As a salesperson, consultant, professor or doctor, you have a waiting room to make your customers wait. You can then use digital signage in your waiting rooms to inform, entertain and reduce the perceived waiting time of your customers. This will improve your customers' experience as well as your image with them.

How much does it cost?

In terms of cost, digital signage in SaaS mode, ie in annual subscription mode is between 80 and 500 € per screen, knowing for you have it only for 96 €.

What is the gain?

In addition to the fact that the digital signage solution helps you communicate more effectively and resourcefully with your audience, and increase customer engagement, it also helps you save time.

As a restaurant owner of a franchise, for example, you are used to update your menu on your daily screens with a USB key, you no longer need to do it, with the software, the content is managed directly from a web platform and the process is 100% automated. So no more need to have a headache, in a few clicks, you modify and broadcast the content of your screens.

By choosing digital signage, you save time and money.

Which franchise networks benefit?

Whether it's an indoor business, pet store, insurance, automotive, bakery/pastry shop, coffee shop, hairdresser, garage, hotel, real estate, fashion, restaurant, home services, and many other franchises; by adopting a digital signage solution, all types of franchises are winners.