Using Dropbox on Any Linux Distro

If you usually work on several machines (e.g., a desktop machine at home and a notebook on the move), the Dropbox service can help you to keep your files and documents in sync with minimum fuss. For example, I use Dropbox to keep documents on my Linutop in sync with my Eee PC. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you visit the project’s download page, you’ll discover that the packaged version of Dropbox is available only for a handful of distros. You can compile Dropbox on your system using the provided source code package, but there is an easier way to make the software work with your particular distro. First, head to Dropbox’s forums, grab the latest build (0.6.427 at the writing moment), and unpack it into your home directory. The result should be a hidden .dropbox-dist directory. Now launch the terminal and run the following command:


This launches Dropbox and starts the registration wizard. Follow the instructions to link the machine to your Dropbox account, and you are all set. While the described technique allows you to install Dropbox on virtually any Linux distro without going through the rigmarole of compiling the software, it does have one drawback: it doesn’t add status icons to files and directories. But that’s a small price to pay for the sheer convenience of the described installation method.

5 Responses to “Using Dropbox on Any Linux Distro”
  1. Jeff Says:

    Looks ok, but is this something I can run as a service on my server? Would much rather do that.

  2. Julio Poisot Says:

    After installing Dropbox this way you use it with Nautilus?

  3. marytee Says:

    It works with nautilus so you will have to install it if you use KDE.

    I’ve been using dropbox for a month and I love it.

  4. K. Aning Says:

    I use it myself and I can say it’s a very good sync tool and the answer to Julio Poisot’s question is yes. It integrates with nautilus. You have to log out and log back in after installing it for it to be picked up by nautilus. There’s is one little glitch though when you launch nautilus as a different user than you are logged in as. For example “root.” I know it’s a very unusual bug to find but it is there.

  5. rich Says:

    I tried the eeepc install as stated but it seems to fail silently, not opening the Dropbox registration process.

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