Find Photos on Flickr for Use in Documents

Flickr offers a vast collection of photos you can use with your documents, but trawling hundreds, if not thousands of photos in order to find the right one can be a rather tedious and time-consuming affair. Fortunately, the CCOOo extension can help you to find a photo you like on Flickr without leaving the convenience of your favorite productivity suite. More importantly, the extension finds only photos released under Creative Commons licenses, so you don’t have to worry about potential copyright issues. chaussure adidas CCOOo.png Once installed, the extension adds the Insert -> Picture -> From Flickr command which you can use to evoke the Insert Picture From Flickr dialog window. Enter the search terms you want in the Tags field. If necessary, tick the appropriate check boxes to specify additional usage requirements. adidas gazelle pas cher Hit then the Search button to perform the search. nike tn This returns a list of photos matching the specified criteria, complete with thumbnails and hyperlinked titles and descriptions. new balance soldes You can use the Previous and Next buttons to browse through the list. nike x fragment When you’ve found the photo you like, right-click on its thumbnail to insert it in the current document and choose the desired size.