Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Video broadcasting system with Linutop!

Use dynamic display to communicate.

Linutop offers solutions to help companies to get the most out of a high-quality dynamic signage system while remaining affordable.

What is dynamic display?

Dynamic display, also called digital signage, is a communication tool for projecting different types of information such as photos and web pages. It can also stream movies and other HD videos, flash animations and web pages. Dynamic display can also be used to play audio files. Dynamic signage will ensure fast and easy dissemination of information to your customers or employees.

Linutop Solutions

- Linutop XS and Linutop 6 are two microcomputers that allow you to benefit from a turnkey dynamic display solution, you only have to connect this Mini PC to your screen and set up your display with Linutop Kiosk software And your digital signage solution will be ready.
- If you already have a dynamic display player or a Raspberry Pi you can install Linutop OS, the Linutop operating system, which will allow you to benefit from the Linutop Kiosks software. Create and easily edit your dynamic display playlists.
- Finally, Linutop now offers Linutop TV, a playlist management service for multi screen networks, available in Cloud Mode for maximum flexibility, or installable on a local server for maximum security and privacy. This service will allow you to manage a large fleet of screens easily and quickly.
These solutions are particularly popular in theaters, communication agencies, shopping centers, transport and much more ...