Digital TV available on Linutop

Paris, November 7th, 2007

With Linutop, you can now watch TV, videos or access the Internet on the same screen. Totally silent and energy efficient, Linutop provides a new user experience to access digital contents.

The new software package V1.2 includes:

- New graphic drivers allowing full screen video.

- A new set of drivers for USB DVBT dongles (Digital TV).

- Ability to play video files from or Web TV.

- Network accessibility to Windows shared folders.

- Ability to broadcast digital video or audio streams to any computer on a network.

Other enhancements:

- PXE boot

- Shorter boot time

Linutop V1.2 Digital TV Press Release(English).

Linutop V1.2 Digital TV Press Release(French).

- Screenshots

- Pictures

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