Digital Signage

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

Digital Signage

What is digital signage ?

Digital signage is a communication tool used to broadcast content (information, images, videos, animated messages, PDF and illustrations) in real time or remotely. It is usually installed in public places, waiting rooms, production sites, shops...

This loop transmission system is transmitted on one or more screens, like a slide show that automatically scrolls your content.

Replacing your paper display, your way of communicating will become much more dynamic, attractive, and interactive. Spreading information to your targets, digital signage will help you to create, strengthen and improve the relationships with your future customers, with up-to-date information.

For digital signage, many other terms are used to designate this technology: digital display, dynamic POP, screen display, dynamic screen, digital media, ...

What do you need for digital signage ?

1) Digital signage Player Software

It is usually a multimedia software able to timely display multiple content (image, video, web pages, PDF) on your screen.

Linutop has developed its own digital signage software to help companies to modernize themselves. This software can be used on PC and on Raspberry Pi. This software is called Linutop Kiosk player. It is integrated in its operating system Linutop OS.

Linutop Kiosk player is represented by its logo : a black arrow surrounded by an orange square.

By combining the Linutop Kiosk player software with the Linutop OS operating system, your digital signage system will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and its configuration will be simplified.

A free version is downloadable here.

2) Hardware Player - Mini PCs -conected to your screen

It is a device able to run a software player, it can be integrated in the screen, or an external mini pc - easyer to maintain an cost effective.

Linutop also offers small and discreet mini PCs. Linutop is currently offering 2 types of Mini PCs : Linutop XS and Linutop 6.

Both are fanless, totally quiet and consume very few energy. Indeed, Linutops need 10 times less energy than ordinary PCs to operate and are a professional choice for all day use.

They have several features such as adjusting the display time of each file: photos, videos, web page PDF ...

3) A content management system

It is a software able to manage 'playlist' in order program each screen and broadcast content to all the screens automatically.

Linutop TV enables to centralize the management of multiple screens in a network. Light, easy and fast to set-up, Linutop TV is available via a :

- On premise system (Local Server) : Maximum Privacy.
- The SaaS system (Cloud Server) : Maximum Flexibility.

A free trial is available here.

Each digital signage devices, depending on your needs, can be a real plus for your stores, restaurants, hotels, museums, public transports signage.

Linutop TV digital signage
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