The new Linutop 4 fanless Atom PC is available!

We’re happy to announce the new version of Linutop 4 : more powerful, while requiring less enery consumption (<14w), thanks to its Atom based N270 processor and its smaller size.

Linutop 4 is :

  • fanless with no moving part
  • energy efficient,
  • robust,
  • maintenance free,
  • can be mounted on the back of a computer screen (VESA 10)
  • room for 2”5 SATA INTERNAL HARDRIVE with HD KIT

which is a great advantage over other solutions.

The new Linutop 4 is still powered by Linutop OS 4 , lightweight and optimized Ubuntu Gnome distribution including internet and display kiosks for professional uses available for download or on a USB key . It boots up around 25 s after bios when installed on the flash card.

The brochure and the quick userguide (pdf) have been updated.

The new Linutop 4 Atom is available on Linutop Shop for the same attractive price : 400€/VAT

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