Linutop 3 is available

For Internet Kiosks:

Setup Firefox or any other starting
applications. The kiosk can be locked
with a password so the initial state is always recovered at each
restart, Linutop provides a simple and ready-to-use public Internet access.

For Office desktop:

With Firefox and Open Office stored on an internal flash memory = no
alteration possible by mishap or virus.

For Display or Monitoring:

VLC media player, no moving parts and small size = a very easy and extremely
reliable solution for a web signage and narrowcasting.
It also has a serial port for industrial applications

Linutop3 Press release

Affichage dynamique sur un site de production BOSCH

La Société Bosch souhaitait afficher l’état de chacune de ses lignes de production sur des écrans afin que ses agents puissent réagir en un clin d’œils en cas de pannes d’appareils. Afin de garantir la qualité de ses lignes de production, Bosch voulait un affichage dynamique simple d’utilisation qui réponde aux besoins de ses agents.
Après avoir évalué un certain nombre d’options, Bosch a opté pour la solution Linutop 2 avec ses supports de montage, montés discrètement à l’arrière des moniteurs VGA. Le système d’exploitation Linutop est configuré avec un petit script qui affiche une page Web HTML à partir du serveur de production de l’entreprise. Cela a permis à n’importe qui dans l’usine de surveiller la chaîne de production avec un aperçu rapide, réduisant ainsi les temps d’arrêt de la production tout en utilisant un minimum d’énergie.
En plus de répondre aux exigences initiales de Bosch, le système d’exploitation sécurisé de Linutop, peut être réglé sur un mode lecture seule et avoir le repli de sa fonction de redémarrage. De plus, le système d’exploitation, léger, peut se sauvegarder sur une clé USB et ainsi être répliquer facilement sur de nombreux PC dans l’ensemble de l’usine avec la même configuration.

Télécharger le player: Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Affichage dynamique sur site de production
Affichage dynamique sur site de production

Solutions Linux 2007

10 months after the start of the Linutop project we decided to present the Linutop 1 on solution Linux en february 2007. Frederic Baille, co-founder of the Linutop company, presents the first product.

Set up Linutop in 5 Minutes

Just because Linutop is based on Linux, it doesn’t mean it’s difficult to configure. In fact, the little machine comes with a custom Linutop Setup applet which allows you to configure virtually every aspect of the system in a matter of minutes. By default, the applet starts automatically, but you can also launch it manually at any time by choosing Applications -> Setup -> Linutop Setup.
The Linutop Setup applet’s window is divided into four main sections: General, Network, Advanced, and Security. Besides the Language, Keyboard, and Time zone settings, you can use the General section to configure display settings. Usually, Linutop does a good job of detecting the correct display size and resolution. But if it has problems detecting the display’s properties correctly, you can select the appropriate item from the Display size drop-down list. The General section also allows you to configure autostart options, which can be useful in many situations. For example, you can configure Linutop to bypass the full graphical desktop environment and launch only a specified URL in the default Web browser. This can come in particularly handy if you want to use Linutop as a simple Web station. To do this, press the Configure autostarted applications button, select Web Page from the Select an item drop-down list, and tick the Start only this application check button. Tick then the Start with this URL or file check box and enter the desired URL.
As you might have guessed, the Network section lets you configure wireless and wired interfaces as well as a modem connection. If you are using the built-in Ethernet connection, Linutop does all the donkey work for you. However, if you still need to tweak some settings (e.g., define a static IP address instead of the default DHCP option), press the Configure your network button, select Ethernet connection, and press Properties. In a similar manner, you can configure a wireless interface. Choose Wireless Connection from the list of available connections, press Properties, and fill out the required fields. If you are using Linutop in a mixed environment and you want to access documents and files stored on a Windows machine, you can use the Windows shares subsection to easily add shared folders. Simply press the Add button and type the IP address of the Windows machine in the Host field. Enter then the user name and password required for accessing the Windows share and press OK.
The Advanced section sports a couple of rather useful features. As the name suggests, the Backup/Restore button allows you to back up and restore the entire system in just three simple steps: press the button, select the destination drive, and press the Apply button. When you shut down Linutop it by default saves only the user settings. So if you install an application and then reboot Linutop, the system will return to its original state. This may sound like a nuisance , but this feature can be useful in situations where you don’t want other users to mess with the system. But what if you want to install additional applications? Select the full persistent system option in the Data persistence subsection, and Linutop will from now on save all your settings and applications. The Remote access subsection lets you easily enable and configure the remote access service, so you can connect to your Linutop and control it from another machine on the network or via the Internet. Press the Configure the remote access service button, and tick the Automatically start the server check box, so that the service starts automatically when you turn Linutop on. If you want to protect Linutop from unauthorized access (which is a very good idea), tick the Request a password check box and specify the desired password. To let users view the Linutop desktop but not control it, tick the Connected users can only view the desktop check box. Finally, tick the Allow multiple connections check box if you want to allow more than one user to access Linutop. Press the Start button, and you can then access Linutop remotely. You can use Linutop not only as a desktop machine, but also as a server. Install, for example, Samba software on it, plug in an external USB hard disk, and you can use Linutop as a nifty file server. In this case, Linutop doesn’t need the full graphical desktop environment, and you can disable it by ticking the Don’t start Xorg check box in the Misc subsection.

If you plan to use Linutop as a public terminal, the Security section allows you to lock the machine, so no one can modify the system (except the administrator, of course). To do this, simply tick the Use the Linutop lock check box, and specify the desired administrator password. Thanks to the Linutop Setup applet, configuring your Linutop machine is a pretty straightforward process that doesn’t require a lot of time or particular Linux skills.

Linutop is now Linutop 2.4!

Paris, February 3rd, 2009

Linutop is pleased to announce today Linutop 2.4 the latest version of Linutop.

Linutop OS 2.4 now includes :

- Remote management (Demo)

- It can be used as a thin client

- USB key back up

- wifi USB key network manager

as well as:

- Firefox 3.0

- Open Office 2.4

- Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.

Press release.

Linutop 2.2: the best of open source

Paris, July 1st, 2008

Linutop is pleased to announce today Linutop 2.2 the latest version of Linutop.

Linutop OS 2.2 now includes :

- FireFox 3.

- OpenOffice 2.4.

- Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.

Linutop 2 owners can order a USB key upgrade or download it from our wiki.

Linutop2.2 Press release

Linutop2 in the press (April 2008)

Linux User (April P18 German edition) : “Green Computing auf dem Desktop”. PC Expert (April P34-41 French edition) : “PCs under 300 euros, basket new balance Green PCs,

Informations about Linutop

Exhibition and conferences

The 29 , 30 and 31 january 2008

CNIT – Paris La Défense

Opening hours:

29 january 9 am to 6 pm

30 january 9 am to 6 pm

31 january 9 am to 6 pm

Linutop Booth F22 

See you there!

Linutop Monitor?

Paris, December 12th, 2007

Linutop is pleased to announce today a new accessory: The linutop mounting bracket, it allows the linutop to be placed on the back of a flat pannel. A nice and stylish way to save room on a desk.

With Linutop, you can now have an all in one PC.

Totally silent and energy efficient, Linutop can display your most valuable information from the Internet or simply display high  definitions pictures or a video.

The linutop mounting bracket:

- Allows the linutop to be fixed on a VESA compliant monitor 7.5cm or 10cm.

- Easy to set up.

- Hide your linutop behind a screen.

- Keeps USB ports and audio connectors accessible..

- Screenshots

- Pictures

Digital TV available on Linutop

Paris, November 7th, 2007

With Linutop, you can now watch TV, videos or access the Internet on the same screen. Totally silent and energy efficient, Linutop provides a new user experience to access digital contents.

The new software package V1.2 includes:

- New graphic drivers allowing full screen video.

- A new set of drivers for USB DVBT dongles (Digital TV).

- Ability to play video files from or Web TV.

- Network accessibility to Windows shared folders.

- Ability to broadcast digital video or audio streams to any computer on a network.

Other enhancements:

- PXE boot

- Shorter boot time

Linutop V1.2 Digital TV Press Release(English).

Linutop V1.2 Digital TV Press Release(French).

- Screenshots

- Pictures

Linutop awarded The TIC21 price for sustainable innovation 2007!

30th and 31st October, 2007 – Valenciennes

TIC21 was founded with the conviction that new technologies and the information society are major levers in generating a development respecting the people and the natural resources.

With 400 participants, 100 renowned speakers and international specialists, the International Forum is a leading event amongst the meetings organised by TIC21, and its partners. Bringing together businesses, local authorities, institutions, associations, NGOs, the media, universities, researchers and analysts, the TIC21 Forum will produce an unprecedented gathering of different groups.

Linutop V1.1.5 Available!

Paris, October 3rd, 2007

+VLC media player for audio and video playback

+Web pages slide show with a timer

+Photo viewer for high definition pictures display

+Flash player

- Network Parameters back up (DHCP, Fix IP,Wifi)

- Backup tools

A detailed list of changes is available on our wiki


Paris, January 1st, 2007

Welcome to our new web site.

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