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mini desktop pc

mini desktop pc

Mini desktop PC: performance and energy saving

For optimal performance, the company Linutop has steadily improved all its mini desktop PC models. Whatever the needs of your business are, you will find the mini desktop PC that best suits to your needs.

The different models of mini desktop PC

Linutop 2 mini desktop PC is the smallest and most economical model both in terms of price and energy consumption. With its 1 GB flash memory, it is ideal as a web kiosks, but it can also be used for digital signage like all other Linutops.

Linutop 3 is much more powerful: thanks to its 1 GB of RAM, users can use more demanding applications. Thus, it is quite a suitable mini desktop PC for basic office: to modify and view spreadsheets, presentation files, text documents etc. This is an excellent sturdy and low maintenance computer.

Linutop 4 shows almost the same characteristics as the previous mini desktop PC, but it is lighter and weighs only 0.936 kg. It is also smaller and less bulky.

Linutops, mini desktop PCs with interesting features

Thanks to various open source softwares that accompany them, including Firefox, VLC Media Player and Libre Office, Linutop mini desktop PCs have interesting features. As they work with Linutop OS, an operating system based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, users can install a variety of free software downloaded from the Web on them. When used in an office, the mini desktop PC Linutop can boot from the network. All Linutops are fanless mini desktop PC and consume very little energy: 20 Wh for Linutop 3, less than 14 Wh for Linutop 4.