Digital Signage and POS in stores

Digital signage makes POS (Point of Sale Promotion) more effective.
VD-Horcera stores use Linutop TV solution to program and broadcast POS messages on its shelves located in Belgium

- The solution is affordable and allows local network broadcasting.
- Linutop kiosk digital signage software is available for PC or Raspberry Pi.
- Linutop XS player can display: PDF, image, video, web page and turn off the screen.

Player Download: Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Digital Signage and POS in stores

New Linutop OS for Raspberry Pi4 !

Linutop Operating System is now available for Raspberry Pi 4.
Available as a download or an SD memory card.
Linutop OS is based on Raspbian Buster with ‘XFCE’ classic graphical environment. It is supplied with the main Linux software.

Ideal for a Professional use
-Digital signage (web page, image, video, pdf…)
-Internet Kiosk (for public secure access)
-Dedicated use: Embedded system, probe, monitoring …

- Security and privacy
- Kiosk Software for Secure access or Digital signage
- Hardware Acceleration for VLC
- Boot Time < 30 seconds

Compatibility: Raspberry Pi Zero, A, B, B+, 2, 3 and 4.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

as a download (IMG or NOOBS) or an SD

The Variety Theater uses for its signage

Since 1807 the theater ‘théâtre des variétés’ welcomes spectators, and uses the signage solution to display information and extracts from shows.

The solution benefits are:
- Affordable cost, based on Raspbery Pi
- Easy to use, no training needed to program the display
- Flexibility allowing to display videos or photos

The new Linutop kiosk version, can display Video, Photo, PDF, Page Web and even Web page auto scrolling!

Try it now on PC or Raspberry Pi !

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Raspberry PI based signage in Theatre main lobby

Linutop TV server is now available for Raspberry Pi !

Linutop.TV Server can be installed on a Raspberry Pi in order to manage digital signage of several Raspberry Pi running Linutop OS with Linutop Kiosk player.

Linutop.TV server is accessible with a web browser on the network allowing:
- to load the medias,
- to program the display ‘playlists’
- to broadcast them on differents screens.

- Web interface accessible on the local network.
- Security and privacy (offline use)
- Energy efficient (screensaver)
- Affordable equipment (Raspberry Pi)

Display or audio broadcast for: Schools, clinics, shops, museums, town halls, offices, sports complex, factories …

Digital signage with Linutop.TV server

Supported formats : image, PDF, URL link, RTSP stream, web page, HD video and music.

Compatible: Raspberry Pi Zero, A, B, B+, 2, 3 & 3B+.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

Diffuser des Vidéos en Full HD avec Linutop OS !

Maintenant disponible sur PC et Raspberry Pi

Linutop OS XS affiche des vidéo Full HD 1080p !

Idéal pour des utilisations professionnelles:
- l’accélération vidéo offre une fluidité inégalée des mp4
- Cette option est désormais disponible dans la dernière version du Kiosk Player pour raspberry Pi
- Il permet un démarrage automatique de la vidéo et de programmer l’extinction de l’écran.

Configurez votre player en quelques clics.
Essayez-le dès maintenant !

Linutop OS Internet Kiosk Linutop OS Internet Kiosk