Customer Case Study – Vitrilia

Linutop in Orpi agency

Vitrilia, a digital display total solutions provider, specializes in display services to real estate agencies.  The company looked for a small, robust, and energy-efficient computer which would obtain the latest real estate information via an internet connection to display at each real estate agency branch.

It was also important that the computer be low maintenance because technical interventions at each branch location would have been costly.  Finally, Vitrilia wanted a small size computer that would be easy to ship as well as discrete.

After considering a number of options, Vitrilia selected Linutop 2 because it is small, robust, low maintenance, and energy-efficient.  Also, Vitrilia realized that in the long run, the Linutop would be cost efficient because it is built for high security with a re-set feature that eliminated the need for on-site technical intervention.

Another differentiating factor with Linutop was that the initial set-up settings could be easily replicated across Linutops using a USB key, making deployment across multiple units easy.

Today, nearly 1000 Linutop 2 are used in many real estate agencies as part of Vitrilia’s service offering.  With Vitrilia’s service, powered by Linutop, real estate agencies such as Orpi can display up-to-date, tailored real estate ads in a dynamic fashion with maximum security, low energy consumption, and low maintenance.

At last, a cost-effective solution was found!

For more information about Vitrilia, visit

Cas concrêt Linutop : l’affichage dynamique par Vitrilia

Linutop in Orpi agency

Vitrilia est un fournisseur de solutions d’affichage dynamique dédiées aux agences immobilières.

Pour satisfaire sa clientèle, l’entreprise a besoin d’un ordinateur compact, silencieux et économe en énergie afin de diffuser les dernières informations du secteur simultanément dans plusieurs agences et ce durant les heures du jour et de la nuit sans intéruption.

La maintenance d’un réseau dispersé est toujours coûteuses. Le produit idéal devait donc être fiable et robuste pour fonctionner sans entretien particulier et être facile à installer.

C’est ainsi que Vitrilia a sélectionné le Linutop 2 pour sa compacité, sa robustesse et sa discrétion en fonctionnement. Après 3 années d’utilisation, le Linutop est très rentable sur le long terme de par sa faible consommation et sa faible nécessité de maintenance.

En effet, des fonctionnalités de sécurisation, de réinitialisation et de déploiement du système, minimisent le recours à l’intervention sur site de par leur simplicité de mise en oeuvre.

Par exemple, le déploiement de la configuration d’un poste vers d’autres machines Linutop s’effectue via une simple clé USB, rendant ce processus particulièrement rapide.

Aujourd’hui près de 1000 Linutop 2 fonctionnent au sein d’agences immobilières de tout le pays, parfaitement intégrés aux services de Vitrilia.

C’est donc grâce à ces services portés par la technologie de Linutop, que de grands réseaux d’agences tels que Orpi (photo ci-contre) peuvent diffuser des annonces immobilières personnalisées en temps réel, tout en garantissant un haut niveau de fiabilité et une facture globale peu élevée.

Enfin une solution économique pour de l’affichage dynamique !

Pour plus d’information sur Vitrilia, consultez

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The new Linutop 4 fanless Atom PC is available!

We’re happy to announce the new version of Linutop 4 : more powerful, while requiring less enery consumption (<14w), thanks to its Atom based N270 processor and its smaller size.

Linutop 4 is :

  • fanless with no moving part
  • energy efficient,
  • robust,
  • maintenance free,
  • can be mounted on the back of a computer screen (VESA 10)
  • room for 2”5 SATA INTERNAL HARDRIVE with HD KIT

which is a great advantage over other solutions.

The new Linutop 4 is still powered by Linutop OS 4 , lightweight and optimized Ubuntu Gnome distribution including internet and display kiosks for professional uses available for download or on a USB key . It boots up around 25 s after bios when installed on the flash card.

The brochure and the quick userguide (pdf) have been updated.

The new Linutop 4 Atom is available on Linutop Shop for the same attractive price : 400€/VAT


If you were not there to see the launch of the new LINUTOP 4 , look at this video

Solutions Linux in Paris May 10th !

Exhibition and conferences
May 10th, 11th and 12th 2011
CNIT Paris la defense

Opening hours:
10th May 9 am to 6 pm
11th May 9 am to 8 pm
12th May 9 am to 6 pm

Linutop Booth E35

See you there!

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Happy New Year 2011!

Paris, January 31st, 2011 (Never too late)

Happy New Year
Feliz Año Nuevo
Ein Gutes Neues Jahr
Bonne Année
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta
ukkig Nieuwjaar
Gott nytt år
Felice anno nuovo
Godt nytår

So, What’s New??
- Linutop OS 4.0 Try it out on your own PC.
- Linutop 3 with ATOM processor
- Linutop 2 Less than 8 Watts
- Linutop Kiosk for digital Signage and Secure internet access for public location
and many new things coming up for 2011!!
Save the snow for the penguin: use energy efficient computing solutions!
Linutop Team is wishing you a Happy Green Year 2011!

Linutop has been sold in more than 50 countries !

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Linutop is small and can be shipped anywhere !

January Sales : save 60€ on your Linutop 2 !

Our clients smallest but also prefered model : Linutop 2 is in the sales for a limited time : 220€ (instead of 280€ – nearly 30% discount).
Take the most of it !


Software Linutop OS4  and applications
Pre-loaded on flash (600MB)
Processor AMD Geode LX800 (x86) 500Mhz
Weight 580 gr (20 oz)
Size 14 x 14 x 3.5 cm (5.5×5.5×1.38 in)
Power < 8W / 12V – 3,3A
AC adapter 110-240V~ 50/60Hz
RAM 512 MB expandable up to 1GB
Storage 1 GB Flash Memory (Internal)
Network 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ-45)
PXE Boot Thin client use
Audio 1 in & 2 out 3mm speaker
Video VGA output (SUB-D15)
Resolution 1920×1440 max
2D Graphic Acceleration
Extension 4x USB 2.0 ports
Anti-theft Kensington Security Slot
Miscs Internal clock backup
Power on button.
Strong Case.
Warranty 1 year (extensible to 3 years)

Frederic Baille interviewed by Frenchweb

Bertrand, from Frenchweb, recently interviewed (fr) Frederic Baille.
Linutop CEO explains the differenciation of Linutop (hardware and OS) and how it can bring value to Enterprises.

Thanks Bertrand !

Interview then demo at 5′39

(If you don’t understand french, you can view Charbax interview of Linutop in English)

Frédéric Baille, CEO de Linutop from frenchweb on Vimeo.

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