New Linutop OS for Raspberry Pi

Linutop Operating System is available for Raspberry Pi. Available as a download or an SD memory card.

Linutop OS is based on Raspbian with ‘XFCE’ classic graphical environnement. It is supplied with the main Linux software.

Ideal for a Professional use:
-Digital signage (web page, video, pdf…)
-Internet Kiosk (for public secure access)
-Embedded system (car, plane, boat )
-Dedicated use: probe, monitoring …

- Ready to use
- Quick to configure
- Graphical configuration Panel
- Kiosk Software for Secure access or Display
- Hardware Acceleration for VLC
- Security and privacy
- Boot Time < 30 secondes

Compatibility: Raspberry Pi B, B+ and 2.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

Ready to use software

Configuration Panel

Nouveau Linutop OS pour Raspberry Pi !

Linutop ‘Operating System’ est disponible pour Raspberry Pi.
En téléchargement ou carte mémoire SD


Linutop OS s’appuie sur la distribution ‘Raspbian’ avec l’environnement graphique ‘XFCE’ plus classique. Il inclus les principaux logiciels Linux nécessaire à une utilisation en entreprise

Idéal pour des utilisations Professionnelles:
- Affichage dynamique (Page web, Vidéo, PDF…)
- Kiosque Internet (Accès publique, sécurisé)
- Système embarqué (voiture, avion, bateau)
- Usage dédié: sonde, monitoring …

- Prêt à l’emploi
- Rapide à configurer
- Panneau de configuration graphique
- Logiciel kiosque pour borne ou affichage
- Accélérateur graphique pour VLC (Lecture HD)
- Sécurité et Confidentialité
- Temps de démarrage < 30 secondes

Compatibilité: les Raspberry Pi B, B+ et 2.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

Logiciel prêt à l’emploi

Panneau de configuration

Happy New Year 2015!

Paris, January 1st, 2015, 00.00am (Just in Time)

Happy New Year !!
Feliz Año Nuevo !!
Ein Gutes Neues Jahr !!
Bonne Année !!
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta !!
ukkig Nieuwjaar !!
Gott nytt år !!
Felice anno nuovo !!
Godt nytår !!

So, What’s New?

- Linutop XS Ultra Mini Computer fanless and energy efficient (3 Watts), ready to use.
- Linutop OS 14.04 For Desktop PC, Secure Internet Access, Signage…Try it on your own PC!
- Linutop 5 Mini PCs fanless and energy efficient.
- Linutop Kiosk software for digital Signage and Secure Internet access in public location
- Linutop TV : New Digital Signage Service over the web

Save the snow for the penguin: use energy efficient computing solutions!

recycle an old PC with linutop OS (and save money)!

Linutop Team is wishing you a Happy Green Year 2015!

The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!


The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!

Paris, FranceDecember 17th, 2014Today Linutop releases the Linutop XS its smallest and most energy efficient computer.

The concept:

Linutop XS is a tiny computer designed to reduce Total cost of Ownership, from shipping, deployment, operating to maintenance.

Reduced shipping, deployment costs

Linutop XS weighs only 92g (3,24oz) in a minuscule sleek metal alloy case, can be attached on the back of a VESA monitor saving space on a desktop.

Reduced operating costs with major power savings

Linutop XS operates on only 5 Volts and 3 Watts, It could replace a big PC for a 24/7 dedicated task.

Reduced maintenance costs

Linutop XS comes with a Linux system with ready-to-use software, including Libre Office and Linutop Kiosk. Software can also be added by the user.

Targeted use:

With 92g, metal alloy case and ready to use lean software, Linutop XS can be used everywhere:

- School, library, museum, public transport, city hall, waiting room, hospital, public location

- Shop, bar, restaurant, point-of-sale display, bank, vending machine

- Office, business center, corporation, factory, hotel

To perform various light computing tasks:

- Visitor orientation, advertising, digital signage (photo, video, web page), customized clock

- Public internet access, catalog browsing, training, dedicated access, registration

- Office applications, audio broadcasting, streaming player

Provide a robust packaging for professional use or developers:

- Network monitoring, home server, home automation, NAS, connected objects and many more…

- Embedded applications.

When and where to get Linutop XS:

For Christmas (if you are nice) on

Linutop XS specifications

Processor: 700 MHz

Memory RAM: 512 MB Flash: 4 GB internal

4x USB 2.0, audio 1 out 3 mm

Network: 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ-45)

Video: HDMI VGA connector accessory

Power: DC in 5V (<3W) adapter 110 – 240V

Weight: 92 gr (3,24 oz), Size: 9 x 6 x 2 cm (5.5×5.5×1.38 in)

Strong Aluminum Case

System: Debian weezy

Warranty : 1 year (extensible to 3 Years)

About Linutop

Linutop specializes in energy-efficient IT solutions. The company develops and distributes mini PCs and open source based software. Its leading product the Linutop Mini PC is sold in 60 countries.

Learn more at

Linutop was awarded the TIC21 price for sustainable innovation.

Press Kit & Photos:

Photo Linutop XS:

Linutop Company Contact

Frédéric Baille

06 85 86 85 76

Digital Signage – Seattle Department Of Transportation

Seattle, 04 November, 14.00pm

Seattle’s Third Avenue bus stops are among the busiest in the region: one bus stop may serve up to 15 bus lines and can average up to 4000 boardings on a typical weekday.
In order to provide users with a better service, Seattle DOT is deploying a variety of real time transit information around the city.
Local businesses and organizations on Third Avenue have contributed in making the deployment of Linutop systems very simple by hosting the power efficient PCs along with the 40” LCD monitors in their windows.

Click here for the complete Seattle DOT article.

Linutop OS demo available below, allows you to create very easily a Digital Signage solution thanks to “Linutop Kiosk” software.

Linutop OS

LINUTOP OS for a maintenance free PC

Typical error message
Need a new life?

Linutop OS: An alternative to give a second life to your PC!

Linutop OS is a turnkey solution allows everyone in corporations, associations or individual consumers to recycle, repurpose an older PC without any risk.

- Download the software image
- Burn on a CD or USK key
- Set your BIOS to boot from the appropriate device (CD or USB)
–> The system is now running in the system’s RAM and the user may
1- set keyboard and screen properties (Linutop –> Configuration Panel –> General settings)
2- automatic connection to the network (use network icon in system tray for WIFI)
Ready to use the system !

Most Linutop OS features are available in the demo version, the full version allows to save configuration settings.
Linutop Lock switches the system in Read Only mode, the highest possible security.
Used today for desktops in public spaces, such as schools, libraries, associations, etc.
Despite being heavily used by many different users, these systems remain fast and clean, day after day.

Configuration Pannel - Security

Linutop OS

Configuration Pannel - Security

New Linutop OS 14.04 for PC

Linutop announced today the latest version of its Operating System 14.04 for PC and Intel NUC PC:

- Linutop OS is an optimized version of Ubuntu XFCE LTS 14.04 including up to date Linux drivers and major softwares VLC 2.1 , Firefox 32, Libre Office 4.2 in the smallest package (< 1GB)

- Linutop Security Lock: The system can be locked into read only mode, preventing alterations by viruses or other mishaps. Its ability to recover its initial state at each startup is key to minimizes maintenance costs.

- Linutop Kiosk software :

-Internet Kiosk: Allows users to configure their homepages in full screen with toolbar or not, setup black lists and white lists to control navigation.

-Display Kiosk: Allows users to configure a playlist of Images, Web Pages, URLs, Video, folders, PDF  and sounds files with an intuitive interface, in order to  display the media in full screen.

Key Benefits Main usages
  • Lightweight : under 850 Mb
  • Easy and fast install : under 3 minutes USB install
  • Safe, user friendly and maintenance free
  • Low minimum system requirements for installation on standard PC allowing to repurpose, recycle older systems
    from older Asus such as Eee PC 4G to the latest Intel NUC
    Bay trail (DE3815TYKHE internal Flash) .
  • Internet Kiosk : Waiting room, hotel, office, hospital, school, and library, Public Internet Access…
  • Digital Signage : Store, restaurant, advertising on point-of-sale display, vending machine, kiosk, museum, public transport, city hall, conference, trade show, exhibit…
  • Multi purpose System : Library, school, shared office, business center, small office, factory…

For more information about Linutop’s operating system, click here.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk


mairie, conseil régional, médiathèque, complexe sportif, association, fondation, institution, salle des fêtes, salle de spectacles, palais des congrès, bibliothèque, centre culturel, musée


- Poste de travail partagé
- Accès aux outils bureautique
- Salle informatique

- Optimisation des ressources matérielles
- Donner à tous un accès à l’outil informatique
- Interface Bureau classique avec menu Démarrer
- Logiciel bureautique compatible avec la suite microsoft Office
- Permet de recycler des PC
- Réduit la maintenance en mode verrouillé

kiosk software
kiosk software


- Hall d’attente lieu public
- Ecoles
- Associations
- Médiathèque, boutique: navigation limitée au catalogue local

- Installation rapide
- Configuration simple et flexible
- Possibilité de verrouiller les systèmes pour éviter toute altération
- Pas de coût de maintenance, pas de nettoyage de virus

Kiosque Sécurisé


- Diffusion d’information, promotion
- Informations dans le hall d’accueil de la mairie
- Liste des professeurs absents lors d’une grève
- Menu de la cantine
- Liste des activités périscolaires
- Orientation du public à l’intérieur d’un lieu ou événements
- Réunion parents / profs
- Exposition

- Economique: rapide à mettre en oeuvre
- Edition en ligne: aucun logiciel à installer.
- Diffusion automatique: 24/24H – 7/7j
- Fonctionne hors connexion
- Compatibilité: Ordinateurs Linutop ou PC équipés de Linutop OS

kiosk software
kiosk software
kiosk software

New Linutop OS 13.10 for PC

Linutop announced today the latest version of its Operating System 13.10 for PC

This version, based on an lightweight (650 to 750 MB) and optimized version of Ubuntu XFCE includes the new Linutop’s kiosk software, which simplifies the set up of a secured Internet kiosk or digital signage display.

It also support most of the PCs : resuscitate your old PC with a Linutop OS USB key or in installing Linutop OS on a hard drive or flash memory! prefect for an old XP PC!

Linutop OS 13.10 main features:

- Linutop Lock Security The system can be locked into read only mode, preventing alterations by viruses or other mishaps. Its ability to recover its initial state at each startup also minimizes maintenance costs.

- Internet Kiosk Allows professionals (Internet cafes, hotels…) to configure their homepages in full screen with toolbar or not, to block certain websites or to lock designated websites.

- Display Kiosk Allows professionals to easily (with drag n drop) configure playlist including time and order and support JPEG, URLs, folders and video files.

Linutop OS 13.10 new features :

- An New Linutop Kiosk ! More compatible
- An update of the main Linux software (VLC, Firefox, Libre Office)
- An update of the Linux drivers

All the mini PC Linutop come pre-installed with the new OS.
Try it => free demo for PC download.
Existing customers can also upgrade using this USB key.
For more information about Linutop’s operating system, click here.
Linutop OS 13.10 online installation is only 79 euros

Linutop OS easy to install on PC

Nouveau Linutop OS 14.04 pour PC !

Une nouvelle version de Linutop Operating System 14.04 est disponible pour tous les mini PC et NUC (Intel): – Linutop OS s’appuie sur la version 14.04 LTS d’Ubuntu avec l’environnement graphique ‘XFCE’ plus classique et surtout plus petit (< 1GB). Il est fourni avec les principaux logiciels Linux : Firefox 32, Libre Office 4, et VLC 2 Media player ainsi que tous les pilotes Linux à jour. – Linutop Security Lock: Le système peut être verrouillé en lecture seule, afin d’éviter l’altération par virus ou mauvaise manipulation. La possibilité de revenir à la configuration d’origine diminue les coûts de maintenance. new balance franceLinutop Kiosk software :

-Internet Kiosk: Permet de configurer en quelques cliques : avec ou sans barre de navigation, mode plein écran, verrouillage des sites interdits ouautorisés à la navigation.

-Display Kiosk: Permet de configurer simplement une « playlist » pour un affichage en plein écran (image, lien URL, Kanken Mini page web, nike femme solde vidéo HD, musique), il est compatible avec le système de diffusion et possède une télécommande.

Avantages Principaux usages
  • Poids : Moins de 850 Mb
  • Installation simple et rapide : Moins de 3 minutes
  • Sécurisé, simple d’utilisation, faible coût de maintenance
  • Nécessite peu de ressources processeur PIII 800MHz, 512Mo de RAM pour une installation sur PC standard afin de « recycler » un vieux PC, depuis un petit Asus tel que Eee PC 4G jusqu’au dernier Intel NUCBay trail (DE3815TYKHE Flash interne) .
  • Kiosque Internet : Salle d’attente, ugg australia bailey button hotel, bureau, hôpital, école, librairie, borne d’accès internet publique…
  • Affichage dynamique : Point de vente, restaurant, musée, transports en commun, conférence, exposition…
  • Système pour usage multiple : Bibiliothèque, école, bureau partagé, new balance france usine…

Pour plus d’information concernant Linutop OS,,

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