LINUTOP OS for a maintenance free PC

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Need a new life?

Linutop OS: An alternative to give a second life to your PC!

Linutop OS is a turnkey solution allows everyone in corporations, associations or individual consumers to recycle, repurpose an older PC without any risk.

- Download the software image
- Burn on a CD or USK key
- Set your BIOS to boot from the appropriate device (CD or USB)
–> The system is now running in the system’s RAM and the user may
1- set keyboard and screen properties (Linutop –> Configuration Panel –> General settings)
2- automatic connection to the network (use network icon in system tray for WIFI)
Ready to use the system !

Most Linutop OS features are available in the demo version, the full version allows to save configuration settings.
Linutop Lock switches the system in Read Only mode, the highest possible security.
Used today for desktops in public spaces, such as schools, libraries, associations, etc.
Despite being heavily used by many different users, these systems remain fast and clean, day after day.

Configuration Pannel - Security

Linutop OS

Configuration Pannel - Security

Happy New Year 2013!

Paris, January 1st, 2013, 00.00am (Just in Time)

Happy New Year !!
Feliz Año Nuevo !!
Ein Gutes Neues Jahr !!
Bonne Année !!
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta !!
ukkig Nieuwjaar !!
Gott nytt år !!
Felice anno nuovo !!
Godt nytår !!

So, What’s New??

- Linutop OS 5 For Desktop PC, Digital Signage, Secure Internet Access,…
Try it on your own PC!
- Linutop 4, linutop 2 Mini PCs fanless and energy efficient.
- Linutop Kiosk software for digital Signage and Secure Internet access for public location

- Linutop TV : New Digital Signage Service over the web

Save the snow for the penguin: use energy efficient computing solutions!

recycle an old PC with linutop OS (and save money)!

Linutop Team is wishing you a Happy Green Year 2013!

Nouveau Linutop OS 5.0 !

Linutop annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de la dernière version de son système d’exploitation : Linutop OS 5.0

Cette version très légère (de 500 à 700 Mo) est basée sur la dernière version d’Ubuntu XFCE. Elle inclut le logiciel Linutop Kiosk : logiciel de création de borne Internet sécurisée et de point d’affichage dynamique.

Linutop OS 5.0 est installable sur tous les PCs. Restaurez un vieux PC avec la version de Linutop OS 5.0 disponible sous clé USB ou installez le sur un disque dur ou une flash.

Principales caractéristiques de Linutop OS 5.0

- Linutop Lock Le système peut être configuré en lecture seule. Cela protégera votre PC ou mini PC Linutop des virus ou mauvaises manipulations. A chaque reboot, l’OS retrouvera sa configuration initiale. (Idéal pour réduire les coûts de maintenance).

- Borne Internet Linutop OS 5.0 permet aux professionnels (administrations, hôtels…) de configurer simplement et à bas coût une borne Internet : page d’accueil, barre de navigation, white list, black list de sites Internet, verrouillage par mot de passe.

- Affichage Dynamique Linutop OS 5.0 permet aux professionnels de configurer et afficher une playlist d’affichage dynamique avec ordre et temps d’affichage (photos, vidéos, pages web).

Les nouveautés de Linutop OS 5.0 :

- Un OS basé sur UBUNTU XFCE
- Des nouveaux logiciels pré-installés (Mirage, gpaint)
- Une mise à jour des principaux logiciels Linux (VLC, Firefox, Libre Office)
- Une mise à jour des différents drivers

Linutop OS est installé sur tous les mini PC Linutop. Essayez Linutop OS 5.0 avec sa démo gratuite.
Pour plus d’informations sur Linutop OS 5.0, cliquez ici.
Linutop OS 5.0 est disponible en téléchargement à partir de 79€ HT.

Linutop 4.0 is available for all Linutops 2&3 and PCs !

Linutop announced today the latest version of its operating system 4.0

This version, based on an lightweight and optimized version of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Gnome is now replacing Xfce)   includes  the new Linutop’s kiosk software, which simplifies the set up of a secured internet kiosk or digital display.

It also support most of the PCs: Now wake up your old PC with a Linutop OS 4.0 USB key !

Linutop OS 4.0 Main features:

- Linutop Lock Security The system can be locked into read only mode, preventing alterations by viruses or other mishaps.  Its ability to recover its initial state at each startup also minimizes maintenance costs.

- Internet Kiosk Allows professionals (internet cafes, hotels…) to configure their homepages in full screen with toolbar or not, to block certain websites or to lock designated websites.

- Display Kiosk Allows professionals to easily (with drag n drop) configure playlist including time and order and support JPEG, URLs, folders and video files.

Key Benefits of the Linutop OS 4.0 are:

- Compatibility - Compatible with i386 PCs hardware.
- Security - full lock up of the system by password
- Small - Only 700Mo with all configured software and languages.
- Energy efficiency - Designed for minimal processing power.
- USB Back-up - The entire OS can be saved and booted on a USB key.

Linutop 2 and 3 come pre-installed with the new OS. Try it out with this free demo download.
Existing customers can also upgrade using this USB key.
For more information about Linutop’s operating system, click here.
Linutop OS 4.0 online installation is only 79 euros.
Press Release Linutop OS 4.0